• Engaging & Enriching

    100% Mapped ContentComprehensive program with complete mapping of academics with NCERT in musically rendered 3D high definition content and interactive computer aided worksheets.
  • Good Values & Quality

    Learning concepts easilyHelps schools meet the international standards of excellence and merit with this intelligent solution through creative prism uniformly to all the students.
  • Quick & Easy Content

    Simple User InterfaceEasy access to complete syllabus so that the teacher should focus on content without compromising and can have knowledge on the finger tip.
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Spellbound Character

Amazing Creativity

About PriSmart

PriSmart is a digital tool initiated by Gyan Era Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has already been adopted by progressive schools in India. PriSmart is improving the way teachers explain and students study in schools. It’s a movement of modern technology that is fast becoming an essential aid for schools. Soon it will touch more students in progressive schools in India.

Concept of PriSmart

Over the last thirty years, many things have changed in our lives with the all round application of technology. Somehow schools did not benefit much by technology. The classrooms of 100 years ago are similar to the kind of classrooms now in India with Chalk and blackboard, packed with children, books and exercise books, rigid syllabus, a teacher trying to explain difficult ideas with the help of a blackboard.

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  • English Literature

    A sly cat named Tom was using a trick to kill all the rats one by one but it get caught one day and punished by rats.It is an amazing and comic story between a cat and a group of rats.

  • Rhymes

    All the rhymes have been covered according to the syllabus. Rhymes are explained with the music and animation beautifully.

    Kindergartners can enjoy their favorite nursery rhymes.
  • Interactive Stories

    Inspirational story of a girl covered under the subject Hindi story. Most of the other stories are shown by using attractive characters and beautiful environment.The stories are interesting, funny and with the moral .
  • Social Science

    A big syllabus of Social Science is covered and is explained in a way that student can grasp very easily . Now you can learn Social Science in a very interesting way with the stories or the real events happened in the past.
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Helpful PriSmart

  • Appealing Content. +

    We use the visually appealing data which is often considered to be much knowledgeable as well!
  • Superb Audio Quality. +

    We use the best software that provide the super audio quality.
  • Engaging Characters. +

    We use situations to bring out the emotions in the viewer, and use the character to reflect that emotion.
  • Picturesque Environment. +

    We show our content especially in a way that makes it very easy to imagine
  • Better Visualization. +

    People love visual content. We add the 3D scenes to our content, which makes the content best.
  • Practical Examples. +

    We use the practical examples to show the deeper understanding of a concept.
  • Unique Scripts. +

    We write the scripts with strong concept; to capture and hold the audience’s attention.
  • Edutainment. +

    We provide the content which is intended to be both educational and enjoyable.
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